About PartnerWins

At PartnerWins we believe you deserve the best!

With over 35 years of combined experience in running the most successful eGaming operations, our affiliate marketing team is absolutely dedicated to providing you with all the necessary tools and assistance essential to maximizing your profits & your success – which you are sure not to find anywhere else. Partner Wins is the affiliate marketing program for the 7Lottos.com brand, already known by thousands of loyal players for its unique products, high wins and mind blowing jackpots. We are fully licensed and regulated, and we wave offices in various locations across the world including Copenhagen (Denmark), London (Uk) and Lisbon (Portugal).


A Unique Product

We offer our affiliate partners a unique product to promote and with an unparalleled rollout development plan which will keep your players on the edge of their seats waiting on the next step. In the lottery sphere our concept is simple and our aim is high, Every Day is Lotto for our players and our aim is nothing less than becoming the number one lottery provider in the world. How are we to achieve that? With the experience and know how of the best affiliate partners in the world, from across all verticals and variants.


First Class Retention

Acquiring players is an art in itself and we appreciate all the hard work which goes into it, but our core goal is making sure that value is truly extracted from those players and that their loyalty lies with us and ultimately with you. No many other companies can say they have retained the same customers for over 12 years and I am happy to tell you Partner Wins can! Promotions, a highly regarded sense of caring, a support line like no other which keep their questions close and the answers even closer. Creating relationships that last and of course keep both partners and players happy.


Our Mission

At Partner Wins we strongly believe in the team concept, only by working as partners can we truly realize our full potential together. Our honesty and integrity is our commitment to you and the code we guide ourselves by. A fully tailored approach assures you and us we are listening to you on your costumer’s needs and responding in an timely and adequate manner to insure optimal acquisition efforts. A precise reporting system which feeds you vital information on players and campaigns so you can better organize your resources, along with cutting edge marketing tools and a dedicated affiliate manager.

Our mission is achieving a perfect synergy between wants and needs, between your efforts and rewards, empowering our partners with the necessary technical tools and at the same time imparting you the same passion and vision which have gotten us here.