Affiliate Marketing Tools

At PartnerWins we pride ourselves in siding with affiliates when it comes to online evolution and software development.

We try our best and will always endeavor to keep up with trends and provide our affiliates with the very best technology has to offer tools marketing wise, to increase player conversion and create proximity relationships between our products and your players. Banners, landing pages, newsletters, all of these are extremely important tools in acquisition and information, and we will always aim to deliver tools which fit your brand’s look and feel, that fit your vision and that ultimately increase and optimize your customer conversion.

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Banners and Landing Pages

At PartnerWins you will find a wide selection of banners and landing pages built with your players in mind. Our affiliate partners can select between flash and gif banners, with all possible sizes and languages to promote our brands, being that they need only to register and login to their affiliate back office to select them and begin promoting immediately. Apart from our regular offering, you can also request customized emails and landing pages in any given language, all you need to do is contact your affiliate manager with your request. Each of our affiliate partners is unique and we enjoy offering tailor made solutions for their businesses.

We will also help you identify and select the best converting banners for your websites. Your affiliate manager is there to help you at anytime and you can always contact with any additional queries you might have.


Marketing Mailing Kits

Emailing is an extremely important part of online affiliate marketing and a key influence in your player’s choices when it comes to selecting the perfect online website to play in. For your convenience we will make available several mailing kits you can use to contact the players you have acquired through your website or opted in mailing lists.

We will provide generic mailers with our main promotions, but should you need any themed mailer (e.g. Christmas, Halloween) or something which has a specific language or design, please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager so he can accommodate your request.

Because we know no two players are alike, we offer all our affiliates tailor made solutions for their audience. Please contact your affiliate manager or send us a message with your questions at


Press Releases and Reviews

Because we know time is of the essence for our affiliate partners we have created a section with some of our press releases and reviews which highlight some of the best aspects of our brands. From lotto and generic gaming articles to updates on our jackpots and software, this section will provide you with fresh written marketing materials you can freely use as our affiliate.

We also have an in house team of copywriters who will be delighted to write further reviews and materials unique to your website’s style. All our efforts are aligned to help you improve your website and convert more players through quality copywriting services. All our copywriting is available in several languages and formats.

Should you need any more information on this feature please contact your affiliate manager or write us an email at


World Events

Whether in the Tomatina in Spain or Oktoberfest in Germany, Carnaval in Rio or Santos Populares in Portugal, there is always a special event happening around the world and at and we want to celebrate them all with you and your players.

We will try our best to make available tailored material to several events and keep an updated calendar, but in your best interest, whenever an event comes up you feel it’s important to cover in our marketing tools, drop us an email and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

We also have special prizes and offers for new players from specific countries, from football tickets to super concerts in certain countries, just ask your affiliate manager which events we are participating on!

Should you need additional materials please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager or write us an email at


Webmaster Tools and Affiliate Associations

Whether you are just starting out or you have amassed some years in this industry, there are some tools which you can count on to make your life as a webmaster easier and improve the information you have to develop your websites.

Alexa – Alexa is considered one of the leading suppliers of global traffic metrics. You can search and triage websites by country, category or keywords, getting up-to-date information on your company’s position on the web as well as your competitors. They feature a great toolbar which allows you to access this information straight from your browser.

Google Keyword Tool – This is a great tool for all affiliates in this industry, helping them identify new keyword concepts and possible results. In the same page you may also find a Traffic Estimator which might improve your performance and give you insight on your targeted niche markets.-

Google Webmaster Central – This page accommodates all possible Google features at your disposal such as how Google views your website, or inbound links and research data.

Royalty Free Photos – At Shuttershock you can find some of the best free photos on the web, an extremely valuable resource for those creating a good website. – Here you will find a large selection of free web based SEO tools like meta tag generators, spider test tool, keyword wrappers among many others.

SEOToolSet – Provides you with the search engine optimization tools and software you need to do solid SEO that gets real results. Among their tools you may find domain ranking reports, keyword traffic checker, ranked, linked and indexed page count and a link target finder.

Affiliate Meeting Points

You can find additional support in several meeting points throughout the web which are focused on the gambling industry. In the websites we have listed you will find the help you need from your affiliate peers and the best advice when it comes to improving your websites.

GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) – At GPWA you are sure to find the help you need from some of the top affiliates in this industry on every level. Their forum is one of the most active and they collaborate actively with both gambling affiliates and affiliate programs to improve communication and mediation in this industry.

CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs) – Casino Affiliate Programs have devised a compilation of very useful tools you can use and they are all available on their website. CAP is a well known and respected hub for affiliates and they are oriented towards all types of affiliates.

APCW (Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters ) – J. Todd is one of the best known personalities in the industry and he brings you the top gambling news around the world through his “Perspectives Weekly” video digest. APCW is known for its transparency and integrity, being a key player when it comes to fighting for affiliate rights.

AGD (Affiliate Guard Dog) – AGD reviews most of the affiliate programs in the industry at great depth. It helps players through a constant contact with affiliate managers in their forum, where you can also find a great variety of topics and like minded affiliates to help you improve your websites and potential revenue.


Games Screenshots & Other Imagery

Images are a vital element when it comes to online advertising and in online marketing it isn’t different. In an online world where nothing is tangible you need a good visual representation of our product so that players can in some way envisage our gaming offering. This is one of the reasons we have made available to our affiliates a large database of snapshots of our lotto games and other static imagery (likes logos, graphical imagery, etc) which we believe might be useful in our partners’ work.

Should you need additional materials please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager or write us an email at