5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Lottery Affiliate Site


You’ve got your WordPress site up and running – hoorah. But do you make the most of some of the great free plugins that are available to help improve your site? Below are five of our most highly-recommended plugins that you can download now and improve your lottery affiliate site instantly.

Essential WordPress plugins for affiliate sites

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO is vital for online success. If you get it right, you’ll have visitors pouring into your website every day from Google and other search engines. WordPress SEO by Yoast makes optimising your site and, particularly your posts, so much easier. It gives you the chance to easily input your title tags and meta descriptions, as well as analysing how optimised your target keywords are, and even provides you with a snippet for how your post will appear in Google.


You’ve got a new comment on your latest blog post – awesome! Oh, wait, spam again. We all hate spam. It’s loathsome. With Akismet, you can remove 99% of spam from your life. This plugin automatically checks comments to your site and filters out the ones that look like spam. Not only will your site be spam-free, but that will consequently reduce your disk space and speed up your site for visitors – which is also great for SEO!

W3 Total Cache

While we’re on the subject of speeding up your site, W3 Total Cache is another invaluable tool that will do just that. This is a plugin that you don’t need to interact with much after downloading, but what it will do is increase your site performance 10-fold. W3 Total Cache increases site speed, renders pages quicker, reduces load time, and even boosts your server performance.

Contact Form 7

We discussed the importance of building relationships with players and becoming the go-to expert for them in a previous post. One of the best and easiest ways for your visitors to communicate with you is with the fantastic Contact Form 7. Add in bespoke contact forms on any page you want and easily insert them into your site with this plugin. Having been installed over a million times, this is the best contact form you’ll find for WordPress.

WP Smush.it

You might not know it, but every time you upload an image to your site, it takes up valuable storage space and can reduce your site speed – which, as we’ve discussed, doesn’t bode well with Google. WP Smush.it strips down your image files – without hampering the quality of the pictures – by getting rid of bulky irrelevant information that you can’t even see, in order to seriously reduce the file size of each image. Faster sites = better sites.

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