How to Become a Lottery Affiliate in 1, 2, 3


Being a lottery affiliate is one of the best ways to make money online. If you do it right, you can absolutely make a living – and more – from it. But where to start?

Lottery affiliate

Step 1 – Create a website

The first you need to do to become an affiliate is set up a website. If you’ve never done this before, this can be a daunting task – but it needn’t be.

For ease of use and great versatility, we’d recommend getting started with WordPress.

There are two versions of WordPress available, and So what’s the difference? is the self-hosted version of WordPress. This means you need to pay for a server elsewhere (usually costing around €5 per month or less at places such as Bluehost or GoDaddy) to host your website. The major benefit of the .org version is how customisable it is. Once you have your hosting and domain name sorted, there is nothing else you need to spend on the site. There are hundreds of free themes available and thousands of plugins – making it extremely easy to customise your site. If you have some very basic technological knowledge, we’d highly recommend the version., on the other hand, can seem very appealing as it provides you with free hosting and a domain name. However, while you can indeed create a free website this way, it is nowhere near as customisable as the .org version and can introduce various fees for quite basic features. The free version also implements adverts on your site that don’t earn you any money. Again free themes and some plugins are available – but nowhere near as plentiful as .org. can be a cheap, good option, but if you’re serious about becoming a successful lottery affiliate, the small hosting investment for is definitely worth it.

Using free themes, creating a free website with WordPress is very easy and can be up and running within an hour.

Step 2 – Sign up with PartnerWins

So you now have your new website – great! Now you need to sign up with PartnerWins in order to register as a lottery affiliate.

You can sign up for PartnerWins by clicking here.

PartnerWins boasts various lottery brands to its name which you can promote, and is a great way to earn plentiful commissions.

Step 3 – Create links and build your audience

Once you have your website set up and you’re signed up as a lottery affiliate with PartnerWins, it’s time to start building an audience and making some money!

Creating great, informative content is key to providing value to your new audience. While creating a strong social media following will help get people to your website from day one.

Try to be as helpful and informative as possible to potential players, and you should quickly find people coming to you as you build a reputation as the ‘lottery authority’. This is a great way to create loyalty and help increase visitor numbers. The more people looking for lottery information, news and offers you can get to your website – the better your chances of earning commissions.

Remember to make it easy for your audience find links to the lottery websites you are promoting though – as they need to click on your affiliate links in order for you to earn commission. The easier you make it for visitors, the better your chances are of making some good money as a lottery affiliate!

If you have any questions about becoming a lottery affiliate with PartnerWins, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.