10 Commandments of Lottery Affiliate Marketing


When it comes to being a lottery affiliate, it can be testing to stay on the righteous path sometimes. But, if you follow these 10 commandments, as presented by PartnerWins, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’re going the right way towards affiliate success.

10 Commandments

#1 Thou Shalt Never SPAM

Just don’t do it. It worked in 2002, but not anymore. Times change, move on. Do it better.

#2 No Blackhat Techniques or Sly Ways

Instead of thinking how you can get one over on your competitors, why not spend your time creating an affiliate masterpiece? Create a website and following that you are proud of. Besides, if/when Google catches you and your naughty tricks, you’ll regret it.

#3 Be Informative

Be a guiding voice for your followers. Look after them and they’ll look after you when it comes to commissions. Be a lottery knowledge guru.

#4 Remember the Sabbath Day

Yeah, this is actually one of the real 10 Commandments. The point is, take a break from time to time. Working hard is great and should be what you are doing if you want to achieve online success. But don’t run yourself into the ground and burn out. Go outside from time to time and replenish your energy levels.

#5 Honour Thy Terms and Conditions

Bit boring, we know. But read here.

#6 Thou Shalt Not Steal (Content)

Copy and pasting is lazy and will not be looked kindly upon by Google. If you’ve found a good article elsewhere, at least make sure you rewrite it with your own spin and add value to it. Or better altogether, come up with unique, informative articles that can’t be found anywhere else. Google loves that.

#7 Thou Shalt Never (EVER) Promote Lottery to Underage Players

In most countries, players must be at least 18 years of age to play the lottery. What’s more, our lottery brands, 7Lottos and Hiperlotto, enforce this rule stringently.

#8 Thou Shalt Create Awesome Content

As we discussed with not stealing other’s work, there is no better way to get into your followers and Google’s good books than by creating awesome content. Take the time to research and compile quality articles and you’ll be duly rewarded.

#9 Thou Shalt Be Trustworthy

Don’t mislead your followers, it will only damage your relationship and your brand.  Be clear and honest with them, you’re not a faceless corporation, so don’t pretend to be. Give your brand some character, people like people.

#10 Thou Shalt Be Current

Stay up to date with the latest lottery news and offers and be the first to promote them – you’ll be the first to get commissions if you do so!

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