4 Tried + Tested Lottery Affiliate Strategies


When it comes to providing affiliate content, there are various paths you can take. Some ways work better than others, while some techniques work well for some people but not for others – it can take a lot of tweaking to get your strategy right.

Here, though, we’re going to keep things simple and run through four of the most successful tried and tested strategies that affiliates can use to boost commissions.


#1 Banner Ads

Banner ads are nothing new, but that’s not to say they’re not still effective.

One of the big plus points for banner ads is that you can put them almost anywhere on your website and they take very little management. Simply find a good space for your banner (above the fold of the page is best) and, well, wait for people to click on it. It’s one of the best forms of passive income: you get people onto your site with great content, and a percentage should hopefully be intrigued enough by the banners to click on them.

#2 News Provider

Another great technique that allows you to include highly-relevant affiliate links is by being the provider of the latest lottery news.

Whether it’s the latest jackpots or winners, stay up to date with the latest lottery news and you can then point your visitors to a relevant link in your content. For example, “Mr G has won €1 million on the Example Lottery! You can sign up for Example Lottery here.” In the underlined section of the example given, this would be a great time to include a relevant affiliate link.

Being a news provider is a great way of naturally adding links to content that is highly relevant to your audience.

#3 Reviews

Another organic route you can take to inserting affiliate links in your content is by writing up reviews of either lottery games or companies.

Provide an honest assessment of the product in questions, highlight the best and worst bits of it, and, importantly, let visitors know whether it’s worth playing or not. Remember though, if you’re not completely truthful with your visitors, this will damage the legitimacy of your brand and will inevitably harm your commissions in the long run.

#4 Be an Offers Guru

One of the easiest ways to provide great affiliate content that visitors will engage with is by promoting the latest offers from lottery companies.

Highlighting the best offers out there is a sure fire way to get commissions from visitors and provide solid affiliate earnings.

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