3 Key Points for Your Lottery Affiliate Strategy in 2015


Affiliate marketing is still a rapidly changing ecosystem. If you rest on your laurels of what has worked in previous years, you might just fall behind. This year, you need to be everywhere, aware and provide substance.

Lottery Affiliate Strategy

Back-Up Your AMAZING Headlines

Clickbait really got out of hand in 2014. “7 Things You MUST Read Today or You WILL Regret it Forever!” But how many times have you been disappointed by what you read?

Sure, you might see a surge in traffic to your site, but if you haven’t got the content to match your UNBELIEVABLE headlines, you’re not going to be smashing up your commissions.

That’s not to say clickbait is dead – it’s not. But make sure you put the time and effort into creating great, useful content as well. Don’t have your audience leaving your site quickly feeling frustrated and disappointed. If you want to create a successful brand, give people what they want. Back it up.

Keep a close eye on your bounce rate and your audience’s average time on site as an indicator of whether people like your content.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Got it? Mobile. Be optimised for mobile. If you’re not already, do it… NOW! Seriously, if Google hasn’t already hit you for not being mobile-optimised, you soon will be.

We’ve talked about mobile a lot recently, and for good reason. It’s not a case of mobile is coming… mobile is here. Make sure your site is optimised.

Know Your Customer

Insights and online analytics are getting better and better. If you can figure out who your customer is, what they are looking for, where they are from, why they are looking for it, and when they want whatever it is – you’ll be in a powerful position.

When it comes to content marketing, work out what your customers connect with most and use that as a basis for the future. Spend more time doing what works. As soon as you get to know who your customer is, you’ll be in a much more powerful and time-efficient position.

Get ahead of the curve to be ready for the latest trends and be richly rewarded.

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