3 Most Common Reasons Affiliate Sites Fail


Being an affiliate is something that is very misunderstood.

While it is a great way to potentially make a lot of money online, it certainly isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a good idea and hard work to succeed.

But why do so many affiliate sites simply fail to take off?


Focussing Too Much on Commissions

Of course, the end goal of an affiliate site is to make money, but if you focus too blatantly on just getting commissions – rather than providing a genuinely useful resource for your visitors – your credibility will be damaged and you’ll struggle to build a loyal audience.

Try to serve your audience. Provide them with great value. Give them something unique that they can’t get elsewhere. Look after your audience and they will look after you.

Create a great resource and the commissions will sort themselves out.

Sounding Like a Sales Pitch

You’re an affiliate – not a sales person or a shop. Cut out the sales jargon, speak like a human – ideally a friend.

Only promote things you think genuinely provide value. Would you buy this product? If you wouldn’t, think why. Lying to your visitors is only going to damage your brand. Honesty really is the best policy.

Create personal relationships with your audience, you’re not a big faceless corporation, and your visitors don’t want you to be.

Treat your visitors like humans. Talk to them as friends. Be honest, be approachable.

Expecting Immediate Results

When people explain what being an affiliate is, it probably sounds like you make money for doing nothing. You build a site and then *BOOM* the commissions come flying in. As we mentioned in the introduction: being an affiliate is NOT a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme.

You need a unique offering, you need to build and audience, and then you need to maintain this and keep it growing.

So many affiliate sites die before they are even given a real chance. Even if you have a great idea and a great website, it can take a long time for a good number of visitors to start coming in.

The best way to get visitors in your early days is by building a large social media following (emphasis on social – build real relationships online) or, if you have a decent budget, by investing in Google AdWords (take care when running a campaign related to gambling though as rules are very strict).

Also make sure your website is search engine optimised from day one – it’s a time investment that will prove very fruitful further down the line.

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