5 Tips to Improve Your Lottery Affiliate Website


Your lottery affiliate site is up and running… but your commissions aren’t as you’d imagined. It’s a common problem.

Some people think being affiliate is like having your own money tree. And that’s kind of true. But simply buying a pack of seeds doesn’t mean you have a tree. You need to provide the right conditions for the tree to, at first survive, and then grow and flourish. And it’s the same for your affiliate website.

Tips to Improve Your Affiliate Website

A bit of love and care will go a long way as an affiliate, but what can you do to first build an audience, and then have them clicking on your links and making purchases?

Here are our top five tips:

1# Be Honest and Unique

Not everything is amazing, despite what you might read on Buzzfeed.

Building a trusting relationship with your visitors is important, so stay to the point with them. They’ll appreciate it.

Some offers are amazing, some aren’t so. Be to the point. That means, when the time comes that there is a truly incredible offer, let people know. If you’re known for being trustworthy, people will sit up and pay attention when you say something can’t be missed.

When you sensationalise everything, nothing is sensational.

Also, remember to always ask yourself “What is the point of my website? What do visitors gain from coming to my website?”
Be unique. Give your visitors something they can’t find elsewhere. And, if they can find it elsewhere, make sure yours is better.

2# Stay Current

Keep on top of the latest lottery news and offers. Make sure you’re talking about it as soon as something’s happened. It might be a record lottery winner, it might be a new draw, or a special offer. Be on the ball.

Social media is a great way to do this, but whipping up a quick blog post to go alongside this will massively boost audience levels.

Be the best lottery news service there is, so that people come to you looking for the latest.

3# Knowledge is Power

Having the best lottery knowledge in the industry will also set you apart from other affiliates in your quest to build an audience.

If there’s a question you’re asked about a lot, why not write a blog post about it? Providing the answers to common questions is another way to become memorable and a lottery influencer on the web.

Knowledge is power, but sharing is caring.

4# Be Approachable and Build Relationships

So you have the knowledge… now use it to help your audience and gain new visitors.

Sometimes people will come to you with questions, either on social media or on your website, and if you can help these people in any way – great! But you can also go looking to help people.

Answering lottery-related questions on message boards or services such as Yahoo Answers is also a really good way to introduce yourself to new people. Help them and they’ll help you.

Although the end game is for you to get commissions for visitors, developing a relationship with your customers is an integral way for you to build your reputation, brand and user base. Building relationships and an audience comes first, and is integral to getting commissions later.

5# Make It Easy

So you have people visiting your site – hurrah! But how do you get those visitors clicking on your links and becoming lottery customers?

Make. It. Easy.

Make it clear what links are for and where they are going to.

Have clear call to action (CTA) points. If you have your own designer – or even if you have some basic design skills of your own – creating buttons is a great eye-catching way for visitors to navigate to links from your site.

Get in Touch with Us for More Tips

So there are our top five tips for lottery affiliates. If you have any questions, or if you’d just like more affiliate information, feel free to get in touch with us here at PartnerWins.