3 Must-Have Tools to Monitor Visitor Interaction


Do you know where your visitors are going, what they are clicking on and how far they are scrolling when they visit your affiliate website?

If you don’t – you should find out, because analysing visitor behaviour on your site is integral to maximising profits. Figure out where people are going, and you can tailor your website to make sure they find what you want them to find and help clicks on your affiliate links go through the roof.

But how do you go about analysing how people are interacting with your site? We look through three tools that will help you do this.

Google Analytics

Every website should have Google Analytics set up. If you don’t have it already, do it right now.

However, while most websites do indeed have Analytics set up and configured, did you know you can track how people interact with your website with it? Most people use it to just see visitor numbers, traffic sources and bounce rates – but there’s much more buried in the software.

Google Analytics behavior flow

The gems of Google Analytics can be found under the ‘Behavior’ tab on the left hand navigation. Here you can find all sorts of useful information. In particular, ‘Behavior Flow’ and ‘In-Page Analytics’ are rife with visitor interaction information – showing you were people are clicking and what the typical visitor trail is on your website.

There’s also a handy ‘Page Analytics’ extension that you can download for Google Chrome, which gives you a more accessible version of Analytics, that helps you to view visitor numbers and click rates on your site when viewing your site normally in your browser.

Crazy Egg

If you really want to dig deep into what your visitors are doing on your website, then you’ll want to invest in Crazy Egg – with packages starting from just $9 per month (although there is a 30-day free trial available).

With Crazy Egg, you’ll get incredibly easy-to-understand visual reports on exactly how far visitors scroll down each page, and where people are clicking on your website. But when it comes to monitoring clicks, Crazy Eggs goes much further than Google and can analyse where people click based on their referral source, the keyword they entered and more.

Crazy Egg will show you exactly where your visitors are coming from and what they do when they land on your site.


If you’re not so keen on big data, then ClickTale maybe of more interest to you.

Essentially, ClickTale records videos of visitor’s interactions on your website – tracking their mouse as they navigate your site. Obviously it’s not possible to monitor ever visitor to your site, but you can still store a substantial number of tracking videos to see individual’s interaction with your site.

ClickTale really comes into its own, though, when it comes to filling out forms, as it will show you the dropout rate for each section of any form you have on your site. This is a crucial function that shows you exactly what puts off users when they’re signing up to any of your offerings.

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