Revenue – Commission Models at PartnerWins

Nothing is more important to us at PartnerWins than treating you and your income with integrity, respect and above all transparency. We recognize and award the time and effort placed into partner websites around the world, and we are committed to providing only the best possible service to all affiliate partners who join our Affiliate Program.

State of the art marketing tools, a first class affiliate software solution, savvy and experienced affiliate managers, unrivalled support, top line brands and sky high conversion rates, are just some of the strong points which we believe will improve your business with us.

At PartnerWins we boast some of the highest revenue models in the industry. We understand the diversity within the affiliate industry and act accordingly, creating different types of revenue models to be selected, depending on the goals and strategy of each of our affiliate partners. Below you will find a list of the most popular types of deals, although others may be available through your affiliate manager.

Revenue Share – Lifetime Revenue and Unlimited Benefits

Revenue Share is one of the most popular commission plans available at PartnerWins and consists of a percentage of the net revenue being paid to affiliates, according to their agreed Net Revenue tier. The Player’s Net Revenue is calculated by using the following formula: Gross Revenue (All Lotto Tickets Purchased and Player losses on side games – less Player Wins) minus the following deductions (bonuses, jackpot fees, free bonus tickets or credits, administrative fees (e.g. chargebacks))

This is the perfect revenue model for expert affiliates who know the value of their players and their potential within the lottery business. With our high level conversion and retention levels, you will have a lifetime of benefits by selecting this option!

The table below outlines the standard revenue share rates at PartnerWins:


Number of Players Commission
1 – 20 20%
20 – 40 25%
40+ 30%


*Other revenue share rates may be negotiated depending on your affiliate standing. Please contact your affiliate manager for more information.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – Simplicity and Safety

The Cost per Acquisition, also known as CPA, is a flat rate which is paid to the affiliate for each new depositing player, after the player has played through the amount deposited. CPA’s are negotiated with each affiliate individually, as they vary from market to market. This option is the perfect solution for affiliates with a high volume of player but who do not know their lifetime player value.

By selecting the CPA model you will not need to worry about a player’s winning streak or if it is a lower valued player, you always get the same amount per player and you can organize your earnings much better at the end of the month. If you wish to work with us using the CPA model, please contact your affiliate manager after signing up to PartnerWins and he will be more than happy to advise on the best possible scenario taking into account your target markets and websites.

Other Deal types (Hybrid) – Flexibility and Know How

At PartnerWins we recognize the need to keep up with the ever changing advertising and marketing industry, being that we are always looking for the best way to work with you, helping you achieve your goals. Having flexibility in mind we have enabled a series of alternative deal types such as the hybrid model (which consists of a mix between CPA and Revenue Share), the Cost per Lead model (lead generation for future players), among many other nuances.

Please contact your affiliate manager after registering! He will help you select the best deal type according to your goals and needs.

Sub-Affiliates Revenue Share

Our affiliates’ successful ventures are the best way for us to promote our program to other like minded individuals in the gaming industry. You can get in on the action by promoting PartnerWins to your peers and generating an amazingly high sub-affiliate commission rate, by receiving a percentage of their earnings.

Why not start today and unveil to your friends and business partners what PartnerWins can do for them!

Sub Affiliate Commission
+ 2.5% on First Tier
+ 1.5% on Second Tier
+ 0.5% on Third Tier